Any Canadian citizen or lawful resident who:

  1. Is between the ages of 12 and 18,
  2. Can provide proof of age (passport, birth certificate), and
  3. Can provide proof of medical insurance (private or provincial).

Prospective members of 952 ‘WestJet’ RCACS and their parents must complete this Application for Membership, and provide photocopies of their proof of age and medical insurance in order to expedite enrollment processing. A prospective member cannot participate in 952’s activities until the membership documentation is completed.

New members are invited to visit us on Thursday evenings starting at 6:30pm at Springbank Middle School. Please use the north entrance to the school, and report to the duty desk.

For more information, call 587-777-9520.

952 WestJet squadron meets Thursdays at 6:30PM in the gym of Springbank Middle School (cadets should arrive by 6:15PM)

If unable to attend cadets should call 1-587-777-9520 and state the date, their full name, rank and flight.

Springbank Middle School
244235 Range Road 33
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3Z 2E8

Note: Springbank Middle School has a two shoe policy – please leave outdoor shoes at the entrance and bring indoor shoes or cadet league boots to change into.

Currently vacant – please consider volunteering for this position by contacting a member of the SSC Executive or the undersigned

Marty Kennett
952 WestJet SSC Communications

NOTICE: The SSC Executive has an opening for the role of Volunteer Screening Coordinator (VSC). Please consider volunteering for this position by contacting the undersigned or discussing with a member of the SSC Executive.

All Parents are encouraged to volunteer to assist the SSC in supporting the Squadron.
All volunteers working with youth must be complete the volunteer screening process.

Filling out the forms is the first step, reference checks will occur and an interview (10 minutes) will be arranged.
The crucial step in terms of timing is to complete and pass a criminal records check. If you happen to have one dated this year you can submit it to the VSC or any of the SSC Executives.

Otherwise there is an online process we are presently following in our squadron.

Please note that the process has changed recently and you will need guidance from the SSC on how to complete this step particularly the method of payment.  Eventually all squadrons will have their own account, but we have no timeline on that so the decision was made to proceed in this manner.

The ePIC portal here:

Choose the green bar at the bottom to perform your personal ePIC, and follow through the 15 steps as directed.

Of note:
• at the start of the process, you are to create an account.
• at the point of scanning your ID you will need to ensure the details are clear and legible or the request will be bounced back and denied.You will identify the two peices of ID you plan to use at this time, and then process/scan each piece seperately.
• they will ask the purpose of the check: “genereal volunteer duties with 952 WestJet RCACS” will be sufficient.
• there will be three credit related questions at the end – they are there for you to verify details the online system can already access. Please do not see this as a privacy issue, rather the online method of verifying who you are.
• towards the end you will be asked about the billing and you can direct it to ASI, a pop up box will appear, closing it will approve and send the billing on.
• there will be a reference number you should note. At this point please advise me by email that you have completed your ePIC, and provide the reference number

Please contact me at: to start the process or if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
Martin Kennett
952 WestJet SSC Communications

Regional Summer Training applications will be accepted starting Thurs Jan 14th, 2016.  
To apply, review the 2016 Summer Training Regional Courses Brochure.  Then complete the 2016 Cadet Choices form and bring it to Admin (2Lt Dunnill Jones) until Thurs Jan 28.  The earlier the better!
A few reminders:
Level 1 Cadets (and those no older than 13 by end of summer) may apply for General Training only.  952’s course will run in Cold Lake from July 24-Aug 6 inc travel days.
Level 2 and above (OR ages 14 and above) may apply for the ass’t Basic Training courses running July 31-Aug 20 inc travel days.
Level 3 and above may apply for ass’t Instructor, Intermediate and Advanced courses running July 10-Aug 20 including travel days (Adv Aviation is July 24-Aug 14).
Staff Cadet applications may be made for Val Cartier, Connaught, Mountain View, Comox, Rocky Mountain, Cold Lake, Gimli, Whitehorse, HMCS Quadra, Vernon, Albert Head, Blackdown, Trenton, HMCS Ontario and Canador.

2016 Summer Training Regional Courses Brochure (1)

2016 Cadet Choices

The attached files are associated with 2016 National Summer Training applications.

Hosting the mature young air cadets that qualify for the International Air Cadet Exchange program was one of the highlights of our family’s summer last year. Cadet Leo Rsch from France is the number two glider in that country. Cadet Matthieu Vervloet was accepted into the Belgian Air Force and has entered into two years of intensive training. We stay in contact and will enjoy watching these two develop as pilots in the years to come.

The Anderson family would highly recommend the experience as would all others who’ve been involved. The cadets were so incredibly mature and grateful to meet Canadians and have the chance to sleep in a comfortable bed, wash some clothes, eat a good meal or two and to explore Calgary in a relaxed way.

If you haven’t considered it, I hope you will as there are still a few cadets that need hosting this year – the last year in Alberta before the program moves to the Maritimes.

Here’s the information from the Chair of the program Anna Lewis via 952 SSC chair Bill Malenchuck as follows:

We are still looking for 4-6 families to take at least 2 cadets each.

Reminder, although ideally we would like one member of the family to be screened, we will take police checks from other organizations for this IACE weekend. If you are NOT screened, this does not eliminate you from taking part. Many of our international Cadets and (of course) all the escorts officers are over the age of 18 so you do not have to be screened to host them. Please indicate on your form whether or not you have had a police check done, and if you have not, then we will pair you up with either older cadets or escorts officers. If you prefer to only host Escort officers, please indicate this on your application form.

The dates for the Calgary area are as follows:

Calgary area:
Pickup Cadets – Friday, 31 July at 6:30 p.m. at Mewata Armories
Drop off Cadets – Monday 3 August prior to 8:00 a.m. – breakfast with host families prior to dropping off at Mewata Armories (note bus leaves for Drumheller at 8:00 a.m.)

As the we come closer to the date an up to date schedule for your information (In-Canada itinerary) will be sent out so that you ( as a host family) can plan your weekend and not have any duplications of events.

Email Anna Lewis (address below) if you would like the following:

1. Cover letter

2. IACE History document (to help for a better understanding of the IACE program)

3. Application form (all forms are also available in French upon request)

4. Host Reference Check

5. Driver’s Log

6. 2015 IACE numbers of cadets and escorts from each country (these numbers may change closer to tour)

Anna Lewis
Assistant Southern Wing Director

Thanks to everyone who attended our 3rd annual highway cleanup.

We had snow!, wind! and FUN!!

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